Why start teasing with video? Because it’s 5x more fun!


There’s a lot of things you cannot do in 17 seconds, but you’ll be surprised to see the long list of things that you can do. You can score a goal leading your team to the finals, you can rap almost 100 words,  and -  perhaps not as useful but just as impressive –  you can even tell the story of the 3 little pigs.

In a crazily saturated globalised economy like ours, we don’t even have to start on how even getting 17 seconds of your consumer’s time can make all the difference between soaring success and painful failure.   You can organise a funky flash mob or have your teasing words pop up in random places but you will definitely want to have something exciting happening online as well. We’ve gone on and on before on why videos are the content of choice online for a zillion reasons. Check out below the example we created for the French AXA People Protector's campaign around the European Obesity Day that accumulated over more than 50k views on their Facebook page.

Indeed, teasers usually build up the hype for something amazing to come. A new company, a new product, a grand opening, some form of a big announcement.  But it’s actually not that easy to tease people. You need to hint on something exciting while not unveiling it all, you need to attach it to a feeling which will attract your audience but not give it away. It’s a bit of give or take game and you need to find a good balance in between while making sure you don’t’ tease too long and get people annoyed or even worse bored.

Why does it work?

#1 Gets people curious

Instead of providing a full detailed list of features and benefits it keeps more in the dark than out in the open.  And people like teasing, it gets them excited and curious and wanting for more. Exactly what you want to achieve. Videos have the power of using movement, dynamics, and audio to keep people on the edge and get that excitement hype going on. Pushing them on social media will create all the more buzz.

#2 Gets your audience emotional

Connecting with your brand on an emotional level will always win over rationale, and conveying emotion with video is much easier than with text or static graphics. You can get really creative and fun with your teaser, completely re-branding yourself or showing off how you want to be perceived before anyone knows about you. What more powerful way to do it than in motion?

#3 Starts a conversation

Related to the previous point, if you get emotional (not only snuggly emotional but any strong emotion) it gets people talking. You want them to start chatting about it in the pubs and parks and make it memorable enough for them to want to let others know about it. People love sharing and talking and chatting about things, make it fun enough to share and it already went viral before they know what it is!

If you want to start a hype, you need to start/facilitate the conversation. Do something bold and new and exciting to get people talking.

#4 Gets you the returns

Videos haven taken a steady lead efforts yielding the highest ROI in comparison to other forms of online content according to top global marketers. And when it comes to sharing they’ve proven to be one of the most likely types of online content people pass on. Now that is something you definitely want in your teasing campaign: a snowball effect where people share your message around.

#5 Gives your branding a rad kick-off

You also want to start a dialogue with your brand. Teasers are very personal somehow; they give those who see it the feeling of an exclusive dialogue, like they’re the first ones to hear about it, it’s talking to them. Well, that is the intention anyway. You can be teasing for a product, a service, an app, a party, basically anything and kick off the dialogue with your consumers with a headway. Whether you want to position yourself as a hip cool and fresh group of garage developers or as an approachable sweet family owned business, videos give you the possibility to get personal. You can show your face, your team, some snippets behind the scenes to give that human touch.

We need to start teasing more!

Stay tuned! We’ll let you know in our follow up about some knicks and knacks of making an awesome teaser.



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