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Video is the most prominent content in user's feeds on Facebook. A couple of years ago, it was relatively simple to stand out in the new's feed. You simply posted a video.  Today, however that won't do trick any longer. Indeed, video ranks well on Facebook, but as the number of video increases, videos are fighting for the attention of the viewers.  A good Facebook video therefore must tick the following boxes:

  • Short and snappy
  • Grab the attention right from the beginning
  • High quality
  • If you use a voice over, always use subtitles ( Autoplayed videos are muted)
  • Be relevant
  • And a clear call and clickable call to action

Facebook Video_Video University

Today, we focus on the importance of the call to action.  Facebook has provided businesses with some great features to get the most out of their videos, but the call to action feature is one of the most powerful ones. It enables you to tell your viewer what's there to do after watching the video.

Why bother about a call to action?

  • You can capture your user's interest when it highest

    If you have managed to grab your audience's attention with a great video, and they are willing to wacht it until the end, your video must have grabbed their attention. It's right at this exact moment that you should follow through. You must show your viewer what is the next step.
  • Tell your visitors what you expect them to do

    If you don't tell your viewer what is the next step, he is less likely to act upon the message that has been conveyed in the video. Be clear of what you expect from your viewers, otherwise they will leave your video without having taking any action. Don't forget that a video is a tool and not an end goal on itself.

How do I set up a call to action ?

To add a call to action to a Facebook video, you can either boost your post or you can set up a campaign in Facebook Adverts Manager. The difference between boosting a post and setting up campaign is that a boosted post always appears between your other posts on your business page and that a campaign stands on its own.


To increase your visibility and reach more people, you simply click on the boost button (only visible to the administrators of the page).
A menu pops ups and shows the option: POST BUTTON (optional). Use this feature to add a call to action to your post. You can choose between different buttons.

Facebook Call To Action Buttons Video University
Facebook Call to Action possibilities

It's important to match the call to action to the link of your choice. If you ask people to sign up, be sure they can sign up on the page you redirect them to.

All that is left is now is to define your target audience, the budget you want to put for the campaign and the duration of the campaign. Click on boost and see find how effective your call to action is.


Go to your Adverts manager to set up an advertisement campaign. The principles are similar to boost option presented above. However the procedure is a bit different. Here a quick step by step guide to get you started :

  • Select Video Views as your marketing objective.
  • Choose a campaign name (only visible to the administrator).
  • Define your target audience & budget.
  • Choose the "Single video format"option if you want to promote a video.
  • Upload your kick-ass video.
  • Add a compelling text
  • Tick the "Add a website URL" box to add your call to action
  • Click Place Order to kick of your campaign.

Facebook will verify your campaign and notifies you when it is approved. This normally only takes a couple of minutes.

What budget must I spent?

The call to action feature is currently a paid feature (it used to be free, damn Facebook). Luckily, you're in full control when it comes to the costs. Facebook gives you an estimation of how many people you can reach with your budget. A good start would be to see what amount you would need to match your reach or view KPIs.

We always recommend to break down your available budget. If you're campaign proves to be ineffective, you might want to rethink your target audience and make some modifications.  Make sure there is budget left to implement such modifications. If your campaign is a success, you can increase the budget to generate even more views for your video.

Facebook_Call to Action_
Facebook budget and estimated people reach

As everything with online marketing. It's about testing and trying to find out what works best for you!

Good luck with adding those call to actions Let us know how it went!


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